Welcome to the MRL Points System! Here you can earn points in a variety of ways and use them to offset a portion of the amount at checkout. 10 points can be replaced with $1, extra points, extra savings!

What is mrl points system

MRL Points System is a customer reward program launched by MRLsexdoll. Through these, customers can earn points in various ways such as by registering, purchasing products, submitting reviews and referring friends. These points can be used to save money by applying them against part of the order amount at checkout.

Ways to earn points
Below are the details of how you can earn points through the MRLsexdoll points system:
1. Sign up for the point system
Reward: 100 points
Description: New users who register and join the MRL point system will receive 100 points immediately.
2. Complete your information
Reward: 50 points
Description: Complete your personal information (e.g. address, phone number, etc.) and you will receive an additional 50 points.
3. Purchase Products
Reward: 50% of order amount
Description: Each time you purchase a product, you will receive 50% of the order amount. For example, if you purchase $399 worth of products, you will receive 200 bonus points.
4. Birthday Points
Reward: 200 points
Description: On your birthday, the system will automatically give you 200 bonus points as a birthday gift.
5. Leave a Product Review
Reward: 50 points
Description: Every time you submit a product review on our website and pass the review, you will get 50 points.
6. Twitter Sharing Activity
Reward: 50 points
Description: Participate in Twitter sharing activities and earn 50 points for each share.
7. Follow Social Media Accounts
Reward: 50 points each